This is the home of the vibtoolbox project. Vibtoolbox is a set of command line tools for analysis of vibration and acoustic test data. The interface design used for most of the tools in the package is the standard UNIX filter model. The tools take input on standard input and transform the input in some fashion, and then send the transformed input data to standard output. The filters are not interactive and are controlled by command line options. The tool set also defines ASCII and native binary database formats for storage of vibration and acoustic laboratory and flight test data.

History and Goals

Vibtoolbox was started in 2003 by Greg Rudd, out of the need to have a set of tools to handle vibration and acoustic test data in a general and portable way. An important goal of the project was that the code for the analysis tools would be self contained and easy to port and maintain on different UNIX operating systems.

last modified April 21,2007